Charlie’s Angels meets the A-team in this thrilling new adventure. Beauty, brains and brawn  meet in this unparalleled military unit,
and lead them to victory as you fight your way through jungle terrain.

Joinbrilliant military strategist Katherine, tactician Zoe, artillery warrior Maria (who always has a gun or two on hand!),
demolitionist Alex (whose explosive temper is only matched by her loveof explosives!), subtle sniper Kira and disarming infiltrator Jess.  

Commander, your unit is ready.

Use wily tactics and big guns and take control of the battlefield!These girls always keep the bad guys on their toes!

Katherine oversees the operation and calls the shots from HQ, commanding the battlefield with the finesse of a master chess player... Czech Mate
This hot-blooded Latin warrior is not afraid to pull out the big guns and clear a path to the target. Subtlety is not her style.
Perched out of sight, Kira keeps a cool eye on the mission, ready to take out her targets with pin point accuracy
Alex is as unpredictable
as she is explosive and has a crazy collection of ticking toys in her arsenal. It doesn’t take much to set her off.
Zoe’s deadly skill and tactical knowhow is only matched by her effectiveness behind enemy lines. One way or another, she always gets the job done.
With her catlike agility and disarming Southern charm, Jess can infiltrate any enemy location. Underestimate her smile at your peril.